Smart software
for smart machines,
chosen by smart people

For over 20 years, OMSI software & control has been working closely with numerous customers in many fields of application. This has led to the development of highly performing and well tested software libraries, allowing to respond dynamically at any specific need with functional, efficient and safe results for the machines and their operators.

A modern machine has to be efficient, economic and powerful to assert itself in today’s high-technological market. Machines are only as good as the software and the operational concept controlling them.

Complete software at the state of the art for mobile machines including Municipal, Agriculture, Construction, GSE, Rescue, Rail, Yachting applications: intelligent propulsion and drive solution control systems.

OMSI S&C realizes software solutions quickly and functionally by means of huge library of software tools, developed in many prior projects and many years of experience.

No wishes are unfulfilled regarding the control of hydraulic work functions: OMSI S&C has an outstanding knowledge of hydrostatic and power-split propulsions applied in the fluid-management system.